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Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America? by Robert Freeman

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A - B

America's Autos on Welfare - Sierra Club article.
Amtrak - non-profit...working to hasten the end of car culture and promote more appropriate transport choices.
Bill Denneen's Home Page - "Elder Bill," Biologist/Advocate/Eco-hoolie/EcoEldr/GOF/SOB.

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California Coastal Records Project - Ventura County at Santa Clara River mouth
California Native Plant Society (CNPS)
California - Official State Web Site.
California Assembly, 41st District, Fran Pavley |  Map
California Senate, 23rd District, Sheila Kuehl |  Map
California Assembly, 35th District, Hannah-Beth Jackson |  Map
California Senate, 19th District, Tom McClintock |  Map - the web site that goes with the book. Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.
Car-free universe project - Strengthening communities of the car-free
Channel Islands Bicycle Club
Channel Islands Harbor
Channel Islands National Park
City of Oxnard, CA
City of Ventura, CA
Coalition for Sustainable Transportation and Land Use (COAST) | Email list postings/discussions
County of Ventura

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D - H

efnWeb/Two a.m. Creative - Web and graphic design portfolio.
Foto Search Stock Photography
Friends of the Santa Clara River
Green Party of California
Green Party of Ventura County

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I - L - Royalty-free images.
KCLU - Public Radio, Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties.
KCRW - Public Radio, Ventura/Los Angeles Counties.
KPFK - Southern California Pacifica Radio.
Livable Streets Coalition (LSC) | Email list postings/discussions
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) - Online Web and graphic design education.

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M - P

McGrath State Beach
Ojai Raptor Center
Ormond Beach
Out of Gas:
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Point Mugu State Park

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Q - T

Robert's Circus of Activism
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
Santa Barbara Car Free
Santa Barbara Channel Keeper
Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG)
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (SBMTD)
Sierra Club, Los Padres Chapter
South Coast Area Transit (SCAT)
Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)
StatCounter - Free Web site statistics
Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP)
T & I Grafix - Web site, logo and graphic design
The Slow Lane: - Robert Ashworth's bicycling tales and other insights, "Contemplating Life in Robert's Slow Lane..."
Traffic Life: Passionate Tales and Exit Strategies, an Anthology edited by Stephan Wehner.
Traffic Solutions - Alternatives to driving alone (Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties).
Two a.m. Creative/efnWeb - Web and graphic design portfolio.

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U - Z

U.S. Congress, 23rd District, Lois Capps
U.S. Senate, Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senate, Diane Feinstein
Ventura Coast Keeper/Wishtoyo Foundation
Ventura County Bicycle Coalition
Ventura County Civic Alliance
Ventura County Civic Alliance Weblog Update
Ventura County Star
Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC)
Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (VISTA)
World Press Review (WPR)

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They never
owned cars!

Abraham Lincoln, Chief Pontiac and many other great and accomplished individuals lived long and happy lives without cars.

How about you? Take the next step, literally. Get out of your car and discover a new world, one where human interaction—instead of human isolation—revitalizes your spirit for community and a clean evnvironment.

Earth-1, Save As...

Right lane starts here; yield to bikes

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