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Letter to Oxnard City Council, October 16, 2003

Walking & Biking in Oxnard

Dear Mayor Lopez, Mayor Pro Tem Mulhardt, Council Members Herrera, Pinkard and Zaragoza [Oxnard City Council]:

We the undersigned thank you for recently saving the Harbor-Beaches Dial-a-Ride (HBDAR), and for the City of Oxnard's Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities Master Plan. Both projects address something that's sorely needed in Oxnard -- SERIOUS incentives to walk, bicycle and use public transit instead of driving.

The notion that we should all own and drive cars to every single destination in town will erode the quality of life we enjoy in Oxnard and harm the health of the City's residents. Please do more to DISCOURAGE behavior that DEGRADES our quality of life.

Oxnard is geographically small, diverse in development and enjoys a fabulously mild climate, all of which can make walking, bicycling or bussing to most destinations possible and enjoyable -- for now.

Before it's too late, please plan and build a city that encourages MORE walking, bicycling and transit use, instead of a car-based city. Besides quality of life issues, building for cars is FAR MORE EXPENSIVE than building for people. Cars are great on the highway. In town, cars only get in the way of people walking and bicycling.

Very Sincerely,

Frank Nilsen, Bicycle Commuter, Webmaster, Marina West Homeowner.

Denise Noel, MS Public Health, Mother, Marina West Homeowner, Entrepreneur.

Craig Grantham, Property Owner, Sailor, Channel Islands Harbor.

Friends of the Santa Clara River

Livable Streets Coalition |

Channel Islands Bicycle Club

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